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Demolishor is the name of two different fictional characters in the various Transformers universes.

Unicron Trilogy

Demolishor is one of the earliest created Decepticons of the toyline; and in the storyline, also one of the first to come to Earth from his homeworld - the fictional planet Cybertron. In the Japanese series, Demolishor's name was Ironhide.

Animated series

Transformers: Armada

Demolishor was a regular character in the show and one of Megatron's most loyal troops. He mostly acted as the muscle of the group, partnered with Starscream and Cyclonus to battle the Autobots. He played no major role in the series aside from acting as Megatron's favored military tactician, prior to Thrust's arrival. His Mini-Con partner is Blackout. Possibly his most important act during this period was to smash through the doors of the Decepticon base at one point to save Starscream from Megatron's wrath.
In Episode 43, "Puppet," he was heavily damaged by Nemesis Prime. Thanks to the Mini-Cons, he and several other Transformers got powerlinx upgrades, which meant he was much more powerful. His new color scheme of red and white was meant as a tribute to his Japanese namesake Ironhide. He fought against Unicron and was one of the few to survive the final battle.

Transformers: Energon

After the battle with Unicron 10 years prior, Demolishor continued to follow the final order given by his presumed dead leader to work with the Autobots, and was appointed a guard at Ocean City, one of the joint human/Cybertronian Energon mining operations on Earth.
Despite frequent conflicts with some of the Autobots there (especially Ironhide) and an unwillingness to follow the orders of Optimus Prime when it meant he was left out of the fight, he generally served well, fighting strongly against the early Terrorcon attacks.
However, when Demolishor beheld the sword wielded by Scorponok that had been forged from Megatron's spark, he could sense his leader's life energy, and found himself questioning his role. When Megatron himself was reborn and attacked Ocean City, Demolishor faced off against his leader, but could not bring himself to fire upon him, returning to his side. However, there were still some lingering doubts in Demolishor's mind, his experiences with the Autobots and humans clearly having affected him. He made his final decision, however, when he cast his concerns aside and pushed Megatron out of the path of Miranda II's Energon Grid, taking the full force of the energy, destroying his body. However, Megatron was able to recover his spark, and using the powers he gained by merging with Unicron's body, created a new body for him.
As sort of a final insult, however, Demolishor's mind was wiped clean, removing all moral ambiguity towards Megatron (although he claimed to still have all his memories) and diminishing his intelligence, turning him once again into a loyal servant. Prior to this reconstruction, Demolishor retained his original form of a missile tank (only now colored Constructicon Green), but after being recreated, his alternate mode became a dump truck, armed with a "Hyper Power" missile launcher. In this new form he was re-named Irontread in Transformers: Superlink, the Japanese version of the series. Despite his brainwashing, when Galvatron (the upgraded incarnation of Megatron) plunged himself into an Energon sun to prevent Unicron's victory, Snow Cat (Cyclonus' similarly upgraded form) and Demolishor were self-preserving enough to hold back and stay alive while their leader, Starscream and Mirage apparently perished.

Dreamwave Productions

Demolishor appeared regularly in the Transformers: Armada comic book series by Dreamwave Productions. Where other characters like Thrust and Starscream had a much smaller role in the comics, Demolishor's role was fairly accurate to his animated series role, mostly acting as the dim-witted muscle of the group. He was one of the elite strike force that took over Cyber City, but was unable to prevent the escape of most of the Mini-Cons. One million years later, when the Mini-Con signal reached Cybertron, he was one of the elite group of Decepticons that came to Earth to find them, acquiring the new alternate mode of a tank and battling the Autobots. Demolishor was slightly more ambitious in this continuity, aiming to capture Mini-Cons to supplant Starscream as Megatron's lieutenant. He took part in many of Megatron's subsequent schemes, such as attempting to capture more Mini-Cons and battling Red Alert.
He was subsequently left behind when the other Decepticons attacked the Mini-Con base on the moon, but was with Megatron's troops when they attempted to acquire Over-Run's ship - only to encounter a surprising enemy: Generation 1 Galvatron, who made short work of Thrust while Demolishor and Starscream escaped. Subsequently attacking the Autobot base and taking out Scavenger and Smokescreen, he was himself taken out by Galvatron. Unlike most of the Decepticons damaged by the Herald of Unicron, Demolishor was shown to be reactivated, presumably working with the Autobots to fight Unicron, after which he was shown celebrating.
Demolishor would only make a few appearances in Energon, mainly in Energon #28, where he was shown to have successfully worked with the Autobots since Unicron's defeat in an Energon plant, and was one of those who aided the Autobots when Cybertron was attacked by the Four Horsemen of Unicron - Airazor, Cheetor, Rhinox and Terrorsaur. While working at the plant one night, he was attacked and drained of his energy by a mysterious phantom - Starscream, who had been nearly killed by Scorponok, but had become a ghost composed of Energon.
Demolishor would make one more appearance in flashback in Transformers: Energon #30 as one of the Decepticons piloting Megatron's battle barge as Starscream delivered a warning of Scorponok's ambitions.
Although no more Energon comics were produced after issue 30, the cover of issue 32 was released, and it showed Demolishor in his new form


  • Armada Demolishor with Blackout
His Mini-Con gimmick was that he could fire the missiles from his shoulders.
  • Powerlinx Demolishor with Blackout (2003)
In 2003, he received a Powerlinx upgrade which was a straight repaint of his original toy.
  • Built to Rule Night Attack Demolishor with Blackout
Demolishor also appeared in Built to Rule during 2003 in his original color scheme and also a new "Night Attack" color scheme in 2004 that did not originate from an actual Transformers toy.
  • Energon Demolishor with Blackout
Demolishor had two different toys in Transformers: Energon. The first was a straight repaint of his original Armada toy.
  • Energon Demolishor
A homage to Generation 1 Long Haul.
  • Transformers: Cybertron Demolishor (2006)
Demolishor is a Hasbro exclusive straight repaint of the Armada toy in jungle-style camo and did not come with his Mini-Con partner Blackout. Instead, he came with a remolded Cybertron Cyber Key which had a Mini-Con port which would activate his missile launching gimmick. Being created by Hasbro after the TV series had finished by Takara, Demolishor does not appear in the television series. The bio provided indicates he stayed behind on Cybertron when it was abandoned, battling endlessly against the hordes of Scrapmetal Terrorcons. Surprisingly, given his actions in Energon, he is not too keen to reunite with Galvatron, having a happier time of it not being kicked around by the Decepticon leader.

Transformers: Galaxy Force (2005)

In the Japanese series of Transformers: Cybertron, Demolishor was the name given to the Decepticon Mudflap. He has no relation to the character Demolishor from Armada and Energon.


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